Richard Darch

Richard Darch

Richard has over 20 years experience in healthcare. Following a Masters in Health Economics Richard worked as a Research Fellow at the Health Economics Consortium University of York.

From academia Richard moved into Consulting with Price Waterhouse and led a Health Economics team nationally and was a manager within the Healthcare Consulting Group. At this time Richard focused on investment appraisal and cost benefit analysis working with the large pharmaceutical companies and major healthcare providers.

In 1991 Richard was a founding partner of SDC Consulting a niche healthcare consulting group focusing on strategy, operations improvement and investment appraisal. Richard grew the team to be a major healthcare advisory group in the UK and sold the company in 2003 to Serco plc. On completion of the sale Richard became a founding principle of Infracare a specialist provider/funder of healthcare infrastructure. To date Infracare has delivered over £100 million of specialist healthcare infrastructure with the schemes being recognised as leading edge and considered for a number of design awards.

Richard is a recognised thought leader in the area of infrastructure and has proposed a joint venture model in capital investment which was trailed in the Financial Times as an investment model that could replace the Private Finance Initiative in healthcare in the UK.


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