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Our Service

Our experience spans the full range of healthcare services and infrastructure from major tertiary academic institutions to primary and community care. The range of skills we offer encompasses health economics, service re-design, capacity analysis, asset strategies and facility planning. We also have an unrivalled network of strategic thinkers in the healthcare industry prepared to be part of our team where we think they will add value. Our network consists of senior executives, academics, clinicians and policy analysts.

Our services tailored to organisations' strategic requirements can best be summarised by client type.

Hospital Systems and Healthcare Providers

We recognise the need for service configuration to respond to changes in demand, healthcare delivery models and medical technology. We work with top teams to help them think through the impact of such changes and how they can best position their organisation to meet the needs of commissioners and ultimately patients. This often involves difficult and sensitive decisions about the reconfiguration of services requiring a balance between political, financial and clinical drivers. Getting key opinion formers, particularly clinicians, behind such decisions is a critical part of our approach.

Changes in service delivery require changes in infrastructure to deliver new care models, enable service redesign and optimise estate contribution. We have amongst our team, leaders in the field of healthcare infrastructure with direct experience of major projects including the introduction of new joint venture and procurement models that focus on capital investment and getting value from existing assets.

We have helped NHS Trusts in the UK to think radically about their service offering and respond to clinical drivers for change. This has led to new models of care with specialties being reconfigured to offer hospital and community care and joint ventures being developed between NHS Trusts and the independent sector.

In Australia we have worked on the largest and most complex new hospital projects in the country and have helped our clients navigate through the complex procurement issues relating to Public Private Partnerships.

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